Control Your Own DNS TXT records

Ordinarily, DNS is the way our computers translate domain names into IP addresses, but the TXT record type allows for free text of any length (though strings larger than 255 characters are split up). Usually TXT fields are used to allow people to verify their ownership of a domain or to give instructions to mail servers about how the domain implements mail security protocols. But hey, it's free text, so surely we can have a bit more fun with it?

If you have a domain name, you should be able to add TXT records in your host's control panel, or by editing your domain's zone file. The DNS TXT record Wikipedia entry includes examples of use and formatting. It's also worth noting that as far as I can tell, there is no way to control the order in which you receive DNS records when doing a query. This kind of unpredictability means that maybe these DNS experiments would be better suited to something with more generative potential, like poetry, as opposed to the chronological blog/tweet style timeline I've started with

DNS TXT records for ctrlyrown.net (retrieved daily)

do it together

control your own

repair > replace

demand accountability

To look up a domain's TXT records (for example, to read the microblog I've started using TXT records for ctrlyrown.net) try the following: